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Rocket Korean Review—The Tell-All About Learning Korean

You decided to learn Korean? Good for you! Learning languages is exciting, incredibly rewarding, and not to mention, healthy (brain health matters!). Of course, you are probably not learning it for Alzheimer prevention, but because you are interested in the country. Or love the culture. Or maybe you’re in love with a Korean. So now […]

Rocket Hindi Review: Everything You Need to Know

A Rocket Hindi Review that spills it all! With 370 million speakers worldwide and a country with a fascinating culture, it is no wonder foreign interest in Hindi is so big. Me, I have never been to India and I don’t have family there. In fact, I probably don’t even know any Indian people, other […]

How to Learn Romanian In Your Spare Time

Learn Romanian

Why learn Romanian, when you can learn French or Spanish, or even German? For the fun of it, mostly. Language learning is widely regarded as a thought to near-impossible challenge, but truth be told, it can also be an incredibly entertaining and rewarding pass time. Not convinced enough, yet? Well, let’s not forget Romanian is […]