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How to Learn Romanian In Your Spare Time

Learn Romanian

Why learn Romanian, when you can learn French or Spanish, or even German? For the fun of it, mostly. Language learning is widely regarded as a thought to near-impossible challenge, but truth be told, it can also be an incredibly entertaining and rewarding pass time. Not convinced enough, yet? Well, let’s not forget Romanian is […]

Everything You Need to Know to Learn Croatian

learn Croatian

Croatian is a beautiful South Slavic language, spoken throughout the Balkan peninsula. Let’s get into everything that you need to know to learn Croatian. It is, of course, the official language in Croatia, but it’s also official in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in certain regions of Serbia, Italy, and Austria, as well as (surprisingly) in two […]

Rocket French Review: Your Foolproof Way To Fluency

Rocket French Review

Oh, la, la, the language of love! French is more than a language, speaking it has become nearly a status. A man or a woman instantly becomes sexier when you hear them speaking it. There is something incredibly sensual and expressive about the French language. Not to forget that this is also the original language […]