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Jetset Spanish

Coming from a fellow Spanish lover and general language geek, this Jetset Spanish review gives you all the details — the good stuff and the not-so-amazing stuff, about the program. But enough for cheesy introductions, let’s begin with what this course even is.

Have you heard of Rocket Languages (insert ‘living under a rock’ pun here)? The same guys decided they will focus on the two huge problems students face when learning Spanish. Yes, there are only two, even if right now (if you are studying the language) it might seem that there is a plethora.

In fact, your success in becoming fluent in Spanish is dependent mostly on these two factors. In my humble opinion, this is true not only for Spanish but for any foreign language.

Here are the statistics.

Around a fifth of all Spanish speakers in the world are not native. Even right now, there are 21 million people all over the globe studying the language of Cervantes.

Currently, Spanish is the most widely taught second language in U.S. high schools and colleges. But we all know what most people that took Spanish in school say about their skills. There is a very big gap between expectations and reality when it comes to the results most people get when learning Spanish. This, the creators of Jetset Spanish, realized, was due to one of two reasons:

1. Students lost their motivation along the way.

2. They did not have enough opportunities to practice with natives.

Let me go on a little rant here.

The motivation thing is self-explanatory.

If you lose the drive to learn, you will either give up or start slacking so much that your results will practically be non-existent. When it comes to practice with natives though, it seems to me that this is one of the key factors in language learning, but it is also one that often gets ignored. So what if you have never set foot in a Spanish speaking country, never met an actual native speaker, or watched a movie without the subtitles.

You can make that up if you work hard enough if you write down the new words 10 times (utterly useless, by the way) if you do more grammar exercises.

It does not sound logical when you put it on a page but this is actually how a lot of students think (and more importantly, act).

I myself was a victim of this mentality.

5 years into learning Spanish I finally found myself in a situation where I had to use it daily to communicate with others, and it was truly awful. Up to this point, I had been an exemplary student and I was really confident in my skills. Then reality hit me — I could not hold a normal conversation in Spanish.

The bottomline of all this

Yeah, OK, that story got a little long and you probably don’t care about my life story.

What I am trying to shove down your throat (so that you hopefully remember it, because it is very important) is practice, practice, practice. And don’t practice grammar, practice speaking and listening.

No offense to grammar rules and people who like them, but there is no use in knowing when to conjugate in the Subjunctive case if you can’t even order a beer at a restaurant.

Anyways, Jetset Spanish is a tool for improving your fluency and hopefully, motivation. The point is to break this barrier many students have when speaking, through interactive video lessons, that focus on communication, not on the nick nacks of proper use of conditionals, the subjunctive mood, and other fun things. One thing I really like about this course is that it is primarily video-based.

Why videos are great for language learning

We now have enough research that proves that video lessons help in making the learning process more natural and thus more efficient.

My point with this is that kids don’t learn their mother tongue from a textbook, they just hang around friendly adults and listen, listen, listen. Then why not just do an audio lesson? It is more realistic, it feels more as though you are actually in the situation.

Besides, videos are much more entertaining. Functional MRI scans have found that when viewing a funny, light-hearted video regions of the brain associated with balanced mood, relaxation, and happiness activate. No wonder you enjoy those cat videos so much.

But this time we are using this to our advantage. It has long been debated whether television and the internet have an addictive effect.

Whether or not we get conclusive scientific confirmation for this, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that video content is quite addictive. If only you could binge watch fun videos that help you improve your Spanish, instead of haul videos or Netflix series…

And what about the actual content of the course?

Mauricio from Rocket Languages, that created the program, says that the whole point of Jetset is to ‘immerse you in everyday, real-life scenarios with native Spanish speakers’.

Since the whole point of the course is to give you a more relaxed approach toward practicing with natives (which is nerve-wracking, I know) the videos are very light-hearted, I’d even say they are fun.

Overcoming the anxiety of speaking

One big pro of the Jetset Spanish course is that it is perfect if you hate the anxiety of having to speak a foreign language in front of others. Some of us are introverted, have social anxiety, or are simply shy (three drastically different things, by the way).

Even in a classroom situation, there are always those who hardly speak up.

Maybe you really hate the thought of making a mistake even in front of your teacher. But with the videos, you get the feeling of real-life communication in the foreign language in a much less intimidating environment. At some point, you will have to overcome your fear of speaking, true, and still, it is much better to take it one baby step at a time.

How to use Jetset Spanish?

And while we are on the topic of classrooms and teachers, I find this course could be much more beneficial as a complementary resource. Even if you are already taking classes or an online course, it is a wonderful tool to help you achieve fluency.

It gives you a sense of the flow of a conversation in Spanish, as well as a sort of native-like intuition about the language.

Still, it isn’t immersive enough to serve as a stand-alone long-term Spanish learning course. As much as I hate to admit it, grammar still has to be mastered. If you were to go live in Spain for a few months, that is an entirely different story, but there is only so much a conversational video course can do for your language skills.

Anyways, who will you be conversing with?

Jetset Spanish

The point is to make it feel as real as possible, so you actually have different speakers you ‘meet’ during the course.

There is not a single one from Spain, though, which I find is a shame. True, if you are in the U.S., you will probably be meeting more Latin Americans than European Spanish speakers, but still. The program is composed a bit like a story, so you are introduced to different people in different lessons, plus there are recurring characters.

Something I really like is the fact that you can still choose your own path if the lesson order they suggested is not to your liking. What is more, within the lessons, there are also different ways to go (with the conversation). It is kind of one of those choose your own adventure books. Plus Spanish vocabulary.

What is it like?

To give you a feel of what conversational skills you will actually master, here are a few of the lesson topics:

  • On the plane
  • Money Exchange
  • Getting into Town
  • Parties
  • Shopping

Overall, there are 15 interactive video lessons for you and you basically purchase them, since you get a lifetime access to the member’s area, as well as two downloads (so you can get the content on two different devices).

The Guarantee + Jetset Spanish Closing Thoughts

Jetset Spanish

Finally, as with other Rocket Languages products, you get a 60-day money back guarantee. I find this cool not because I am actually going to return the product (not usually, anyway), but because it gives it a certain degree of credibility. After all, if they trust their content is good enough to offer a money back guarantee… there is higher chance that it truly is pretty good.

Got any opinions or tips on using Jetset Spanish. Share your own Jetset Spanish review in the comments!


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