How to Know if a Russian Girl Loves You

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A lot of men from western countries are in constant search of Russian singles. Finding a Russian girl is easy, all you need to do is to register on the reputable online dating service that offers Russian women dating. After that you can chat for a while with the girl you like and if you think that you have good chances and have a lot in common, you can pack your bags and make a trip to Russia for the first offline date with your Russian lady.

Things get harder when you try to understand whether a Russian girl likes you or not. Should you read between the lines or should you read her body language? Maybe some regular Russian catch-phrase can disclose of a Russian girl loves you? If you want to know how to tell if a Russian girl loves you, check out the following list of signs that a Russian girl likes you.

1. She wants to communicate

Even when chatting, you can easily know whether a girl is interested in you. The eagerness to communicate is one of the best signs that a Russian girl loves you. Same goes on the first offline date.

2. Her eyes are sparkling

Wanna know how to tell if Russian girl loves you? Pay attention to her eyes. If her eyes on the first offline date are truly sparkling, she’s into you. As you know, eyes are the mirror of the soul.

3. She tries to move closer

Well, if she’s into you she will move closer to you. At the cafe she would rather prefer sitting near you than in front of you. If she picks the table, which allows sitting side by side then you have very big chances to win her.

4. She’ll touch you ‘accidentally’

She tries to caress you or sits that close to you that your shoulders touch one another? Well, it is not only the sign that she likes you, but expects you to start expressing your romantic feelings.

5. She wants to meet you again

If you don’t turn her on and she finds you boring, she will simply dismiss your question about when will you meet again. On the other hand, if she liked your first date and she finds you interesting, she is most likely to be the first to ask when will you meet again.

6. She looks at you differently

Sparkling eyes are not the only eye-connected sign that a Russian girl likes you. If she’s trying to maintain an eye-contact with you and she has that special gaze, you know, like she’s hinting on something, then be sure, she is into you.

7. Read her body language

Yep, we mentioned it in the beginning of this article, so we are eventually coming to it. How to read body language of a Russian girl? Well, same way as body language if any other woman. Her legs and hand are crossed when she sits in front of you? (Oh, she already sits in front of you…) Man, you have no chances. If not, than it means she’s absolutely comfortable with you, and she really likes you.

In addition, you should pay attention to her desire to look beautiful. Yep, it is hard with Russian girls as they look beautiful all the time. And pay attention to whether her sexual attractiveness increases or not? If she start licking or biting her lips, touches her hair impulsively and sits in a way to demonstrate her body shape… she like you.