Rocket English Review: Yes, You Can Learn English Online!

Rocket English Review

A Rocket English review makes little sense. If you need it, how would you be reading this?

Well if you are using the help of Google Translate or an English-speaking friend, do not despair. While English is undoubtedly useful and popular, it is also a hard language to master. I know people that have tried time over time to get to a decent level of English and always failing. But is it really their ‘failure’?

Let me tell you my own English learning story.

Yes, English is my second language as well as the first foreign language that I encountered. To add to that, in order to learn it I first had to master an entirely different alphabet from what I was used to (in my native language we use Cyrillic).

Ultimately, what led to my success was the amount of time I spent on it and the fact that I started very young.

Throughout the years I went through more than a fair share of English courses, both online and classroom-based.

I was an impatient, know-it-all kind of kid.

Thinking back, I had so much luck with my classmates, because I could have easily ended up a victim of bullying. I guess I just grew in an environment of nice people. Anyways, I vividly remember all the boredom I had to suffer through in class. I was usually way ahead of my classmates, but I never got the chance to progress more than what the teacher had decided for the class to progress into.

The issue with classroom-based courses

Do I explain myself? What I mean is that schools and generally group education shove you into the mediocre box. They don’t do it with bad intentions. In fact, I believe this is the only effective way to teach a class. However, any course that you take with other people will be paced by the median level of the group.

That is the ideal case. It could also be paced however the teacher decided to do it. I have had teachers that were so tired and utterly unimpressed that they would just let us do whatever and then give us good grades.

At the time, I liked them for it. Others would set impossibly high standards for us and then shame students for not doing well. Maybe we were supposed to appreciate this tough love. Mostly, I just cheated on their tests.

The Stress

Yet another issue I found with classroom-based English courses was how you were always anxious. Are you doing as well as the others? What do they think of you (and your silly mistakes)? Will you get a good grade on the test? And worst of all, the moment where the teacher puts you on the spot with a question you could not even understand, let alone try to answer.

Some thrived off of this. The anxiety kept them on their toes, they were super committed to their studies. Me, I mostly shied away from any participation in class, avoided my teacher’s gaze, and hoped that somehow, magically, I would pick this language up.

And I did, but not in the way I envisioned I would.

How I learned English

There was a point where I had to work toward a certificate of my level.

A Cambridge English exam, to be precise. It was hell, like studying for a tough exam usually is, and I realized that the course I was doing hardly helped at all. The whole experience taught me to rely on myself, to seek additional materials, to find ways to immerse myself into the language.

In class, we simply went over somebody else’s mistakes. I preferred to stay in the library and do practice exams by myself (while trying to munch crackers as silently as possible… Yes, I stress eat). It was a hundred times more efficient. And it still is, especially for language learning.

But there is one thing self-study can’t teach you.

Conversation. It takes (at least) two to tango and one should be native for the magic to happen. I used to go to this thing called ‘Speaking club’ where they would give you a topic to discuss with a fellow student. It did not do it for me. The other person’s mistakes annoyed me and I was oblivious to my own. In retrospect, this doesn’t seem like too much of a surprise.

How to learn a second language — the science

According to Dr. Stephen Krashen, the best way to learn a foreign language is with friendly and supportive natives that give you constant feedback. This is also the natural way a kid learns his or her first language. The environment is low pressure and encouraging, there are no deadlines, tests and correct ways of saying a certain thing. Parents are delighted at any sound their kiddo utters.

And finally, we get into the actual Rocket English review.

What Rocket languages have done for this course is combine three incredibly important and novel principles for a truly efficient learning process. There are three factors to learning any skill, they say — the environment, the learner, and the content.

The Environment

This is where they use Dr. Krashen’s idea of the optimal way to learn a language. The entire course is based on audio recordings of natives, having realistic conversations. Emphasis on realistic. Nobody in the real world ever says ‘My tailor is blond and his wife is a brunette.’ Most people don’t even have tailors, for crying out loud!

The Vocabulary

Ask yourself how many of the phrases you hear in a typical language course you actually use in your native language. Not a great many. This is why I love Rocket English’s no-nonsense approach to vocabulary.

All of the dialogs feature words and phrases you would hear natives using daily. In fact, research says a native speaker only uses 5% of his/her language’s vocabulary to understand and participate in 95% of the conversations. Rocket English uses this to get you to a point where you do well in 95% of the conversations with natives as quickly as possible.

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How Rocket English mimics learning with a native

But let’s get back to the environment they provide for you. Obviously, you will be in front of your computer screen, not really physically interacting with a native. I maintain, and I always will, that this is the ideal case, where you have a friendly native to practice with (it is how I learned Spanish).

For most people, this is unrealistic and unachievable. Rocket English’s solution is the next best thing. They put native speaker’s conversations at the core of the course and then provide you with a handy tool for constant and accurate feedback.

It is the Rocket Record feature, a voice-recognition tool that compares your pronunciation to the correct one. It gives you almost perfect (a native would not be as accurate for fear of sounding harsh) feedback and it is available 24/7. Plus, it works great on mobile, too.

You can practice your English at the comfort of your own toilet (joke got too far, didn’t it?).

The Learner

Neil Fleming discovered a model that describes different learning styles and gave it a catchy name. VARK, they call it. It stands for

  • Visually — learning through seeing
  • Aurally — learning through hearing
  • Reading/Writing
  • Kinesthetically — learning by doing

Whatever your study style might be, Rocket English has a tool for you. This ensures different people’s needs are covered and it is also an opportunity to truly find what works for you. The learning activities are very varied, but nobody expects you to do it all either.

My inner nine-year-old self rejoiced. No need to shove yourself in a one size fits all box. You don’t have to use materials somebody else picked for you and you don’t have to go by anybody else’s pace either. In fact, you are encouraged to follow your own path.

The Dashboard

But if you get lost, there is another handy tool — the Dashboard. Doesn’t sound too fancy, I know, but it is personalized and super useful. Personalized! The algorithm picks what the best path for you would be. Of course, you are free to do things your own way, too.

Either way, you get a Dashboard that walks you through the course, provides valuable suggestions and gives you insight into your progress all at a glance.

Rocket English Review of the content

As I already mentioned above, Rocket English is based on audio lessons. Those are typically around 30 minutes long and as interactive as they come. 30 minutes doesn’t seem like a lot, right? It isn’t and that is the point.

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The inspiration behind it all is George A. Miller’s idea of ‘chunking’ information. Or as the joke goes, to eat an elephant you first have to divide it into small pieces. Rocket English helps you eat that elephant by simplifying the material into essential core concepts, so you never get overwhelmed.

The audio lessons rarely go over the 30-minute mark, which makes the learning experience even less stressful.

To put it in perspective:

An average English course will have you 2 hours in a classroom.

Add the time to drive there and you are looking at upward of 3 hours for a single class. If you have classes twice a week, that is 4 hours of study, and at least 2 hours wasted. If you do a 30-minute lesson every day, 5 days a week, that’s 4:30 study hours…

And 4 hours and 30 minutes spent overall.

On top of that, the course is so comprehensive and personalizable that you will surely do much more work on improving your English during these hours.

The Price

Rocket English is not a software as a service kind of thing. You buy lifetime access for 100$. They even add a bonus pack with 50$ value. It is an additional audio pack that covers essential English words and phrases in a fun and engaging way. Plus, you can do it online or download it. All up to you.

The Money Back Guarantee

Finally, and this would have to be the final advantage I give in this Rocket English review, they offer a 60-day money back guarantee. You don’t need a special reason either. You could simply find that you don’t have the time or commitment to go through with the course.

Customer service will refund all you paid in an impressively short amount of time. I don’t think you would be needing this, but it is still a lovely guarantee for the quality of the product!

Any thoughts on learning English as a second language? What would you recommend to a beginner? Share it in the comments! And don’t forget to share the Rocket English program with anyone who might need it. You know, sharing is caring and all that fun stuff (and the course makes an awesome gift, too)!


PS: You can get instant access to Rocket English here, or by clicking the button below.

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