Rocket Hindi Review: Everything You Need to Know

A Rocket Hindi Review that spills it all!

With 370 million speakers worldwide and a country with a fascinating culture, it is no wonder foreign interest in Hindi is so big. Me, I have never been to India and I don’t have family there. In fact, I probably don’t even know any Indian people, other than Superwoman on YouTube and a few actors I really like. Still, call me a hipster for it, I would love to speak Hindi.

Not only will it be fun to order naan like a native, but it would give me incredible insight into the intricate culture of India. It is a world that we as Westerners know very little, let alone understand. If you are a broke student like me (yes, I am a cliché), learning Hindi could be a cheap way to ‘travel’ to India.

Plus, it is a great CV enhancer.

But enough for the jibber-jabber. You could very well be a business owner looking to explore the Indian market. Or you could be planning the Asian trip of a lifetime. Or maybe you have some Indian relatives and you know that it’s a shame you can’t speak their language. Whatever the reason, you are here to hear my thoughts on the Rocket Languages Hindi program.

So without further ado — the full Rocket Hindi Review!

Rocket Hindi Review of the basics

Rocket Languages is an award-winning system for teaching a second language, as well as one of the most well-established names in the language learning industry. As it’s core are interactive audio lessons, each around (and probably a little over) 25 minutes in length. Not only do they train your ear to the sound of Hindi, but they are also excellent at introducing you to practical vocabulary as well as basic grammar.

In my experience, the best way to learn grammar is by getting the sort of sixth sense native speakers have for what is correct and what is not. While Rocket Languages Hindi offers excellent grammar explanations, the audio lessons are what truly gives you a native intuition for sentence structure.

Along with each audio track, you get a transcript of the conversation between Nikita and Rohan (your online tutors). All the new words and phrases are already listed for you and you can save them to your personalized online notebook. The speakers in the tracks also prompt you to respond (yes, there is the slight awkwardness of this ‘Dora the Explorer’ feature, but nonetheless it is super useful).

This is what makes the audio interactive, and we value interactive over ‘parrot this phrase over and over’, right?

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What lessons are like

Each lesson begins with a review of the previous one so that you never forget to revise. Personally, I like to apply some spaced repetition to this as well. The way I would do it is space out revisions of each audio lesson starting out with a 3-day gap between learning and revising.

You don’t need to redo the entire lesson for spaced repetition to work, but you can download the audio and listen to it in the car. I love how Rocket languages give you the option to download the materials, by the way.

Yes, there is a great app but I really don’t like wasting data.

Language & Culture Lessons

Rocket Hindi Review

The not-so-nice areas of India…but still fascinating, and with amazing people.

Another important feature is the Language and Culture lessons.

I did after all tell you, a few paragraphs ago, that learning Hindi is an amazing way to immerse yourself into the culture. This would be easy if you were to go and live there, but for the moment you will only have your computer. This is where the culture lessons come in. Plus, they are a nice break from all that vocabulary and grammar (yes, you will have to learn some grammar, but Rocket languages are pretty good at explaining it, so no worries).

They go beyond just fun facts and help put the entire learning process into the context of cultural immersion.

The Language & Culture lessons can prove to be practically life-saving during your experiences in a Hindi-speaking country. There are explanations on the medical system, the local do’s and don’t’s, etiquette, markets and bargaining, the spirituality if Indian people, pop culture in India (Bollywood!), etc.

Games to help you retain vocabulary

One more fun feature of the course — the MegaHindi set of games. These mostly focus on training and improving your vocabulary, your listening, and speaking skills. The vocabulary is written in Romanized Hindi (a.k.a. English letters), but you also have the option to play in Devangari and you get a virtual keyboard for that.

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In terms of motivation, the Rocket Languages system has a solid way of keeping you excited.

They offer lifetime 24/7 access to a community of Hindi experts and enthusiasts. That includes tutors and native speakers so that you can always have somebody to run to with your questions. At the same time, this network of fellow learners is a wonderful support network that will cheer you on throughout your journey.

If being a part of a community does not do it for you when it comes to motivation, there is a range of other features that can help. You collect points to receive badges, and there is also a leaderboard if you are the competitive type. You also get a progress tracker as the first thing you see in your Dashboard. This way, you always know how much you have already improved (and how much more work there is still to do).

The rating system

Finally, and in the research for this Rocket Hindi review I have found this the most useful, they have a rating system. You are asked to rate your own comprehension of different words and phrases. For me, time after time rating myself has been a means of channeling self-criticism in a positive manner.

You get to ask yourself ‘Why do I not feel content enough with my skills?’ which keeps you mindful and conscious of how much effort you truly need to put into learning. The amount of effort, of course, will vary from person to person. Which brings me to what I have found to be the biggest advantage of the Rocket Languages Hindi course.

It is perfect for self-pacing.

I will not tire of repeating this: ‘I have no time to follow somebody else’s schedule’.

Where I live, there are not a lot of Hindi classroom-based courses. As a complete beginner, I would have to wait for a new one to start or sign up for one that is already taking place and play catch up for the longest time because the people on there would inevitably be more advanced than me.

On top of that, classes in language schools are paced by the teacher and the average level of the students. This is something I always hated at school. No matter how much of smart cookie you are, you will have to do things at the pace of your class. While this was inevitable during my time at high school (and partially, in university), I would certainly not choose to do it.

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Why moving at your own pace is so cool

Rocket Hindi Review

Go at your own pace…but maybe a little faster than this 🙂

This is your language learning journey and you get to move on your own timeline. Not only do you have 24/7 access to the course, but when you purchase it, it is a lifetime access, too. You could skip a month and you would still have the lessons, the tools, everything. It feels great knowing that it is all there for you, even if you take time off.

With ‘real-life’ language lessons I would always get extreme anxiety over skipping a class.

It felt like I was wasting money and time, and I mean, what is the worst that could happen if I go to class with fever (not a good idea). And when you do get time, you can go as fast as you can and want. No need to slow yourself down because that other guy in the group doesn’t get it as quick as you do. Win-win!

OK, so this review turned into a ramble about everything that is wrong with classroom-based education. Surely there must be something wrong with the oh-so-amazing Rocket Languages system. Yup, it’s not perfect either.

Who is Rocket Hindi for?

This is a Rocket Hindi review, and not an advertisement, so here is the flaw I noticed with the system. Although it is an excellent tool for complete beginners, and it helps them achieve a great level at a pretty impressive pace, it does not have a tool to place you on a different level. If you only have a bit of Hindi experience, this will not be a problem.

It is usually better to start from zero even for those who have learned (and ditched) the language in the past.

The Rocket languages program will help you put your scattered knowledge into a system. However, if you have a medium level of Hindi, or if you are looking to brush up your skills, Rocket Languages Hindi probably is not for you. Advanced students should look elsewhere.

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Rocket Hindi Review Conclusion: Doubts?

Rocket Hindi Review

I’d say try it out. Something I love about all Rocket Languages products is that they come with a 60 day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

On top of that, they have a free trial version that gives you access to the course. This is what allowed me to research for this Rocket Hindi review.

And if you decide to buy it, right now it is on special offer at $100. They also have the option of sending you the set of CDs with the audio recordings. Very 2005, I know.

Back in the modern day, the Rocket Hindi course is available on mobile, too. The app works great on iOS and Android alike. Learning on the go!

Overall, I could not recommend the program enough. It has all the tools, materials, and fun features, it is much more affordable than a regular language course and in my humble opinion — much more effective, too!

Was this Rocket Hindi review useful for you? Got anything you want to add? Share your thoughts in the comments!


PS: You can get instant access to Rocket Hindi here.

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