Rocket Portuguese Review: What They Don’t Tell You

Rocket Portuguese review

Here is to an honest Rocket Portuguese review! The Rocket Languages products are so popular that reviews seem to be popping up everywhere. This page is not an exception — we have done virtually all of their courses, or nearly all of them.

Even though there are often similar benefits to the courses in different languages, we have tried to make the reviews as complete, honest, and unbiased as possible. This Rocket Portuguese review will be no exception, so let’s dive right into it!

The Basics of Rocket Portuguese

If you Googled Rocket Portuguese review, I am guessing it is because you are thinking of buying it. And while Rocket Languages products are a great value, it would still suck to waste a hundred dollars on something you never use or is not what you expected.

So how will your Rocket Portuguese experience go — from the moment you place your order to the point where you are chatting merrily with your new Portuguese buddies?

Member’s Area

The design you see on the Rocket Languages website is consistent with the member’s area design. Once you purchase the course, you are immediately taken to your Portuguese learning dashboard. From there you can access all of your lessons and easily track your progress. One thing you will particularly enjoy about Rocket Languages is how motivated it keeps you all throughout the course.

All successful language learning software these days features some sort of motivational tools. The Internet is large and full of distractions.

It is easy to ditch your lesson and jump into a marathon of cat videos (or gaming videos, Pinterest recipes, memes, Reddit discussions etc.) Even when it is content that you have paid for, lack of persistence is why most people fail at eLearing.

While it is a separate article in itself what the Internet is doing to our brain and our ability to learn, the problem remains. The software that comes up with the best solution will be the one that gives the best results overall.

While Portuguese is not as daunting as other languages on the Rocket Languages list (Russian, anyone?), it is certainly hard enough to make distractions compelling enough. Luckily, Rocket Portuguese has some tricks up it’s sleeve to keep you focused and interested.

The Zeigarnik Effect

Rocket Portuguese review

The Zeigarnik Effect is a fancy name for a simple concept. We tend to think more about what we have not finished. When I was researching the course for this Rocket Portuguese review, I was surprised to find how subtly and effectively it was incorporated.

You look at the Rocket Portuguese page and you see them boasting how they use this scientific principle and that scientific principle. I am not saying they do not, I am saying that they are not telling you about the most efficient principle they are using. We will have to start with a bit of back story so bear with me for a little. I promise I am making a point plus it will be fun and educational.

Let me tell you about a young Russian psychologist and her crazy professor. Bluma Zeigarnik was just a student when she heard her professor (renowned psychologist Kurt Lewin) had this theory that people thought more about stuff that they were yet to finish.

Lewin was also all about people watching and he would often sit quietly at the dinner table observing how others acted (instead of, you know, interacting). He noticed that waiters would only remember how much they were owed until you actually paid the bill. Then it all got wiped away.

Bluma thought this interesting enough to devote quite a bit of her time to investigate. She found that indeed, we do remember, think about, and even obsess over what is unfinished. The thing is, your brain does not like incompletes—it pesters you until you complete them.

Most (if not all) of the popular social media apps put this into practice. They keep you hooked by providing never-ending content.

You can scroll and scroll, and scroll, but you will never reach the end of your Facebook feed. Same goes for Instagram, same goes for Twitter.

Rocket Portuguese Review: How They Keep You Hooked

Rocket Portuguese

Rocket Languages courses chunk information.

Your interactive audio lessons are divided into modules. Each module contains various lessons. Each lesson features various tools and test elements.

You see all of those on your dashboard. Once you complete them, they turn green. And there are a lot of boxes to be turned green.

Are you starting to get it?

If you leave just one testing element incomplete it will bother your subconscious more than you can imagine. It is virtually impossible to just do a few exercises of a lesson. There is almost like a compulsion to complete it.

But once you complete the lesson, you have another one and you really want to complete the module, too… You are hooked. Honestly, in this case, I do not even mind it.

I would rather be learning Portuguese than wasting my time scrolling through Instagram and Twitter.

The Course Structure

I already mentioned this in the section above but let’s look into the course structure in a little more detail. There are two basic elements of your Rocket Portuguese program.

The backbone is the interactive audio lessons. These are 25-minute conversations between your native tutors Tereza and Paulo. They speak very clearly. Naturally, the dialogs are easy enough for beginners. Still, it is super important and useful that they are natives. This way you train yourself to hear, understand, and reproduce native speech from day one.

The audio lessons come with a full transcript and an interactive dictionary for each and every new phrase in the conversation. Even if your verbal learning skills are not top notch, you can still learn the new vocabulary perfectly well by reading through the transcript.

From time to time Tereza and Paulo would stop and prompt you to speak or at least to pronounce a certain phrase. This is just as awkward as it sounds but it is also extremely beneficial to you breaking the language barrier. In spite of the slight Dora the Explorer vibes it gives, it is truly a useful feature!

Language and Culture Lessons

Although the dialog isthe perfect way to expand your vocabulary, there is also an intricate culture associated with the Portuguese language. Even more importantly, though, there is grammar. Unlike other courses, Rocket Portuguese gives you the grammar explanations in English.

Some more masochistic language learners (but most likely their sadistic teachers) might oppose that. However, I am personally not a very big fan of making beginners suffer through incomprehensible grammar. Rocket Languages will not have you do that. They are friendly like that.

The Language and Culture lessons will probably become your favorite part of the course. Isn’t it funny how merging grammar and fun facts into one can make you kind of not hate grammar as much? It is to me.

There are some really cool and fun things to be learned about Portuguese culture, that is a given. I bet you will enjoy it as it opens your eyes to something you can’t experience outside the language in which it was created.

Granted, at first, it will be more like useful tips on how to act and how to not get yourself beaten up in a Portuguese-speaking country. But then they move on to actual culture and arts and it is pretty dang interesting, I promise.

Another Secret About The Course

Rocket Portuguese review

Rocket Portuguese unfortunately only exists in one level. It can’t take you above maybe a higher medium level. Let’s hope they come up with more levels soon.

Meanwhile, if you decide you do not really want to pay full price for the updates… You do not have to. In fact, by the rules of Rocket Languages, you should get them for free.

This is a sort of error fare (like with airplane tickets) and it might not work. Technically though once you purchase access to any Rocket Languages course you get any updates they make for free.

We can’t be sure if this applies to entirely new levels but those are practically updates and so you might even get a surprise gift in a few months 😉

Rocket Portuguese Review: Any Cons?

It would not be a reliable review if I did not mention any downsides to the program. Admittedly, they are not a lot. There is still room for improvement, though. For instance, some have reported bugs with the mobile app. Check the reviews in your app store to see if there have been issues with your phone.

Of course, you get the most out of Rocket Portuguese on desktop but if you plan on using the app a lot, make sure it works for you. The Rocket Languages team has worked a lot on the app, though, so even if there were some problems say 1-2 years ago it does not mean that they will appear on your device.

Other than that not a lot of cons come to mind. So check it out for yourself! They have a money-back guarantee if you end up really hating the thing. I bet you will not. Happy learning!

Good luck!


PS: You can get instant access to Rocket Portuguese by clicking right here.