The Ultimate Rocket Spanish Review

Why You Should And Should Not Trust This Rocket Spanish Review

Yes, this is a Rocket Spanish Review and I like to think it’s a good one. But let me clear out one thing. I am very much biased when it comes to Spanish. I have spent a good six years of my life learning it and I can honestly say that it is such a wonderful language. Not only is it very popular (with 567 million speakers worldwide), but there is this incredibly rich culture that was originally created in Spanish.

To me, learning it has truly been a cultural and explorational experience, as it allowed me to discover and experience so much. On a more personal note, I also happen to be dating someone who is a Spanish native and I like to think that it was my decision to take up the language that leads to this relationship (in many ways it is).

Spanish Is AMAZING For Beginners

Finally, and this is probably why Spanish is so popular as a second language, it is great for beginners. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing bad about starting with Chinese or Hindi as your first foreign language—it will just be much more difficult.

Spanish boasts a relatively simple pronunciation system (although as foreigners we never really lose the accent), and it is not very difficult when it comes to grammar, either.

Depending on where you live, you might have already had some interactions with Spanish speakers and (forgive the stereotype) but I personally find them to be super friendly and helpful.

There would be exceptions, obviously, but Spaniards and Latinos alike tend to be really open and fun. They will encourage you no matter what your level and that is exactly why even at the beginning you will get a lot of use of your Spanish skills (however low they might be).

The One Reason For ‘I Have Learned It For Years But I Do Not Speak It’

For a language, that is so popular, it is no wonder so many people struggle and fail with it. In the U.S., Spanish is the most taught second language in high schools and colleges alike. In Europe, the situation is not much more different. With the huge number of people that try it, why do so many fail?

Dedication, dedication, dedication.

I’m not judging this because I wasn’t the most diligent student in high school either. Traditional classroom education often fails us. I am a big believer in reforming the education system, but since we are just tiny, not-so-influential individuals, the best way to do it so not protesting, but creating.

Creating better alternatives.

And finally, we are at the actual Rocket Spanish Review.

What Rocket Languages have done is assemble a variety of tools in a simple eLearning system. They say they will get you speaking Spanish in less than two months, or else they give you back your money.

In fact, a fun fact about the company is that they started off teaching just Spanish.

Some History

It goes back to 2004 when one of the co-founders was still at university, taking, you guessed it, Spanish.

He quickly figured out the classes were not exactly effective. Unlike most of us that simply complain (and sip abnormally large amounts of coffee and act like the stereotypical college student), he went ahead and thought of something better. The main goal was getting the student to speak and understand when spoken to from the very first lesson. After a year of research, they released the first Rocket Languages course.

So this is a Rocket Spanish review, but really it could be a review for the entire system. Rocket Spanish is the first course ever that Rocket Languages created. In many ways, it is perfectly representative of the program. What is more, I think that it could actually be a little better. It has had 12+ years to improve and it is also the most popular of all Rocket Languages courses.

Over 1,000,000 people have used it.

The team that works on it surely has plenty of reviews, tips, and ideas from actual learners. They have had the time and insight to make it as great as possible.


Now A Bit About The Course Itself

It is an audio-based learning program. It includes 34 interactive audio lessons, each averaging 20 minutes in length. The lessons are recordings of dialogs. Then around this conversation, you learn all the grammar and vocabulary that you are supposed to for this class.

The focus is on “chunking” the information. This helps you finally eat the proverbial elephant — you have to do it in small chunks. That is why you would not find yourself spending that much time on your Spanish lessons, but you will be learning a lot.

This is actually one of the objectives the founders had back when they first created the Rocket Languages system. There is really no reason for you to hang around for hours in a classroom, while the teacher goes over somebody else’s mistakes. Rocket Languages aims to make the best possible use of the time you spend on the course.

Then you get 33 Language & Culture lessons that include both explications of how Spanish works (a.k.a.) grammar and tips and fun facts related to the culture.

In total, that is 134 hours of Spanish lessons for the beginner course. There is also the option to buy it in bulk with other levels, but we will get into that later.

Rocket Record – A.K.A. Your New Best Friend

Another cool feature is that for virtually any piece of vocabulary you have the Rocket Record. What it does is it gives you feedback on your pronunciation. You record yourself saying the phrase and they compare it to how a native would pronounce it. Then you get a percentage of how well you did.

This, at the beginner stages of your Spanish journey, is so helpful and it really speeds up the process of becoming fluent.

Maybe you can’t or feel too shy to actually use what you learned in a real-life situation, but Rocket Record gives you the accurate, real-time feedback and offline interaction would.


Rocket Spanish Review Of The Content

As one reviewer noted, most courses seem way too preoccupied with teaching you how to book a hotel room.

Everything is done online now when it comes to hotels (and most people get a rental anyways), so what is the point?

Rocket Spanish, thankfully, teaches you more useful stuff like how to start a conversation, how to say what you do for a living, how to order a cup of coffee (or a glass of fresh Spanish sangria or Mexican tequila), etc.

All In All, The Lessons Are Refreshingly Realistic.

There is no ‘This cupcake is blue.’ or ‘How much are the post stamps?’. Nope, this is a course where the dialogs sound how people actually talk. One important detail is that it focuses on Latin American Spanish. This could be a deal-breaker for some. I would actually recommend it to beginners interested in Latin American and Iberian Spanish alike because it is a very well structured course.

To be honest, the differences will not hinder comprehension and interaction with Spaniards and they are not even that noticeable at this level, so I don’t think this should be something that bothers you.

The Testing Tools

After you listen to the dialog and repeat the phrases, you can practice the vocab with the five testing tools they have. They are pretty much gamified and it does not feel like a test, but it is and it gives you all the benefits that regular tests do.

There are also flashcard sets ready for you — 67 of them to be exact, and that is just in the beginners course.

As somebody who loves flashcards and uses them on a daily basis, I have to admit it was the selling point for me. It saves so much time to have the flashcards on hand—plus you get to rate how difficult or easy you found a certain flashcard.

I find this super effective in terms of it combining self-evaluation with actual, objective evaluation.

You get insight into how you actually feel about what you are learning — are you confident enough in the phrases, do you feel like you have put enough effort etc. To me, a tool that actively encourages you to examine your confidence in what you have learned is a wonderful reminder that I should stay on track if I want to learn.


Who Is Rocket Spanish Good For?

With so many people that already have some experience in Spanish, it seems like a downside that Rocket Spanish only starts at the beginner.

My advice is if you have only casually learned Spanish and you can’t really use it, start fresh.

They sell the course in levels, so you could buy level 1, level 1 + 2, or level 1, 2, and 3.

Rocket Spanish Review of The Price And Your Options

But what if you are not exactly ready for that commitment? My thoughts exactly, so I contacted customer service for an answer. What the lady said is you can actually buy the levels separately. You are best off getting just level 1 at first (a.k.a. The Rocket Spanish Premium pack). Then you can buy levels 2 and 3 if you decide to do them.

She also advised me that while the price for an extra level is usually $149.95 per level you could wait for a promotion to come up. During promotional periods level prices fall to $59.98.

Bottomline? Get level one, start with a great foundation, and then buy the other levels separately and for much cheaper!

Good luck!


PS: You can start with level 1 of Rocket Spanish by clicking here.