How to Say “I Love You” in the Russian Language

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Russian language is considered to be a difficult foreign language. One thing is when you are a student or a philologist and plan to devote your life to learning Russian and another thing is when you meet and girl and the only obstacle in your newly-made couple is language barrier. Of course, there are high chances she speaks English because a great number of young people in Russia have at least basic level of English nowadays. However, even if she does, it does not allow you to relax and stop making efforts to win hear heart.

Learn a few romantic phrases in Russian and your beloved will be thrilled. Besides, foreigners sound really sweet when they speak Russian in their exotic manner. Well, let’s start our lesson.

1. I love you

– Я люблю тебя- Ya lyublyu tebya
– Я люблю Вас- Ya lyublyu vas

This is the least creative way to let your partner know about your feelings. However, your exotic pronunciation may make it sound cute. So don’t be afraid to say I love you. Now, there is one more thing about the phrase I love you in Russian language. One and the same phrase will sound differently depending on the attitude to your bellowed and the atmosphere. The second variant Ya lyublyu vas in general signifies that you highly respect your woman but is used rarely nowadays. This one is more about early Russian novels.

I believe it is enough for you to know how to write i love you in Russian in English letters. I don’t want to stuff your head with nonsense, so I won’t give you any precise transcriptions here. They seem to be too complicated. I bet you won’t be able to read i love you in Russian in English letters correctly from the first try. I advise you to use Google Translator instead, for example. Just put copy the romantic phrase you like here and paste to the translator and click the “listen” button and learn the pronunciation buy hard.

2. I adore you

– Я обожаю тебя – Ya obozhayu tebya 

I love this phrase. Really. I do. So if you want to say I love you keep in mind this one too. This is more casual variant if you want to say I love you in Russian to a woman. Besides, it has another connotation – it sounds less serious (it is not a confession) than I love you in Russian, although it is still consider to be a strong one. Besides, this phrase is perfect if you are among your friends. Wait for the right moment. Do not use I love you phrase when you are among friends and this is the first time you reveal your feelings to her. Wait for the moment when you will be alone.

3. “I love you from the bottom of my heart”

– Я люблю тебя всем сердцем- Ya lyublyu tebya vsem serdtsem

The third phrase is the strongest. Do not use it unless you feel it. This one emphasizes that your feelings are not only pure but also strong. Besides, it will be great if you use it as a part of your proposal to Russian brides, for example. In any case…

  • Respect her reaction, when you say I love you. If she does not love you, it is not over. Maybe it will hurt, but it’s her decision and her feelings.
  • Make sure you are ready for this emotional roller coaster. There will be ups and downs. Do not tell her you are in live if you plan to do it only for sex. If you really love someone, you will respect her, take care of her. Are you ready for this?
  • “I love you” is a statement in any language, it’s not a question. Do not wait for an answer.